• How many prints do we get in an hour?
    The answer cannot be exact because of time spent having laughs and positioning guests in a booth. The booth Auto system counts down 3.2.1. Four times with an average session of 2 – 3 minutes. Hence 30 to 20 sessions or Prints per hour. No maximum limit to the number of prints. Only limit is the booked time.
  • Does an EPBA Booth print a pair of strips is printed and cut automatically in 7.5 seconds?
    No, we print a matching tear off pair of photo strips each having 3 or 4 photos just taken. Usually one strip is reserved for the host’s album and the other to the paired guests.
  • If I have 120 guests what would you recommend the minimum number of hours should be reserved so that all my guests have at least one process use of the booth?
    The answer to Question 1. Indicates that the friendliest average use of a photo session is 3 minutes .That means 20 sessions per hour. For best calculations consider that each session usually has two people in the booth. Some times a lot more are challenged. Hence 120 guests equal 60 pairs or sessions. Each session takes 3 minutes and this means 3 hours minimum is recommended. Most hosts understand that guests often come back for more photos with other partners…. Please seriously consider adding an hour for that fun element. We offer incentives to book 4 hours.
  • Do you start the rental clock on arrival and finish precisely to the contracted times?
    A. We start the contracted time when the photo sessions start usually within an hour of arrival and set up. Then at the end of that contracted time we ask the host to decide if they wish a short extension to be paid by the hour extension of $150. Our Operators are paid by the hour and we respect the arrangements for both parties.
  • Do you supply photo albums?
    At present we have a Bonus offer of a Free Deluxe Album for bookings of 4 hours or more. Less than 4 hours there is an extra charge of $50 includes GST. The colour choice is limited to black covers.
  • When will the operator and the booth arrive?
    Usually both arrive 1 hour before event booking time. But special arrangements may be needed where the booth arrives separately.
  • What if there are steps, escalators lifts low or narrow door ways impeding delivery?
    It is the responsibility of the hirer to review access conditions at their venue and advise us of these conditions. We have a choice and offer the most flexible and suitable photo Booths on the market which will over come most delivery issues. Measurement details are all available on our print capable brochures of each booth as seen in our website.
  • Are there any price breaks or differences when hiring any of our booths?
    The hourly hiring rate is the same (except for public holidays). The minimum hours and costs of delivery will vary according to delivery charges. See item Q 15B Now we offer JUST IN TIME bookings available for up to 10 days before your event. Also unbeatable prices for mid week Tuesday to Thursday bookings.
  • How much do you charge on Public holidays bookings?
    Usually the hourly rate will increase by 25% and the transport rate also by 25%.
  • What is your policy of leaving a booth without an operator?
    1. It would be very unusual for us to leave an unattended booth. If circumstances demand and the following conditions are met we will always try to make a MISSION POSSIBLE.
    2. A cash security deposit is prepaid $500 per booth which covers our insurance excess if a claim deemed necessary. Even if the damage or dirty conditions is less than $500, the down time concerns are taken in to account.
    3. A designated, responsible person is given half hour training in basic operational skills.
    4. Should there be a technical failure during this hire we do not allow any compensation as shown in Q11.
  • What is the compensation if there is an operational failure during a regular hire?
    If the failure is equipment oriented and happens during the first 59 minutes a total refund is made for the booth Hire. Over 60 minutes, or about 20 sessions, a pro-rata refund is made .This is provided the system was not effected by a spike or power surge or other forms of external damage. Force majeure rights are applied but we offer a complimentary Photo Booth Hire within 12 months not including transport time and rates as applied at that time or location. (STQ).
  • What products do you offer and which booths are these products?
    1. We offer printed colour or black and white twin Photo Strips with custom designed features including a choice of over 150 backgrounds. This also applies to a custom designed postcard to be printed by guest’s choice: 1.Foto Fun Strips, in colour and or black and white and or sepia. Printed by Inkjet or Dye sub systems. See B. 2.Postcard prints custom designed.3.Video Clips 5-30 seconds.4.Photo prints and video clips may be uploaded to email address and or face book address(subject to reception quality at venue).
    2. Our superior software allows an operator to offer versatility when typing email and face book addresses, but using our licensed Kingshare Ipad app outside the booth. Then any time a guest wishes to reprint a photo this can be done without interrupting the booth use.
    3. A usb or DVD of all photos are supplied after the event or within a week at no charge.
  • What is your bonus promotional offer?
    At various times we offer promotional packages that give discounted or complimentary products. These are strictly limited to orders being placed during the promotional periods advertised. They are not convertible to cash or discounts or refunds.
  • Do you supply Fun products, hats, noses to enhance a party atmosphere?
    Yes, any special requests are welcome and we may be able to arrange rental.
  • What is your Self Calculating Quotations process


    1. Select a booth (subject to confirmation as being available on your date).
    2. Estimate number of guests says using as an example 120.
    3. Divide that number by 2 = 60 photo sessions.
    4. Multiply the sessions number times 3 (minutes use) = 180 minutes.
    5. Three hours becomes the minimum recommended assuming one session is allowed per couple. For an unrestricted fun filled Photo Booth evening we suggest add an hour for repeat users with other partners.
    6. Please complete a quote request for immediate quote by return email and a confirmation by our friendly team member of date availability.



    1. Add Set up and Transport costs subject to quotation.

    The above guide lines will help you assess the total costs in booking a Photo Booth for your special event. The final costs are as offered in our written quotation.

    Please let us know if we are able to assist in any way to make this possible.